A weekday tailored programme for Qur’an Memorisation

A weekday maktab/madrassah in Slough, Berkshire

It Will Be Said To The Companion Of The Qur’an After He Has Entered Paradise, ‘Recite, And Rise!’ For Every Verse He Recites He Will Rise One Level (In Paradise), Until He Recites The Last Verse With Him (i.e., In His Memory).
— Narrated by Ibn 'Amr (Abu Dawood)
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Producing The Next Generation Of Quality Huffadh

A comprehensive, unique programme for the memorisation of Qur’an that caters for students who are attending full-time mainstream education

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A Tried & Tested Method For Success

The programme aims to produce quality Huffādh and Qurra’ by focusing on the intricate details of recitation and the application of the theory pertaining to it, and then completing the process of memorisation

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Qualified, Professional Course Instructors

Students will be reading to qualified teachers and have the unique opportunity to undertake the Ijazah process - a certification that one has permission to teach and recite the Holy Qur’an with Tajweed by the chains of reciters that lead to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to Allah (SWT)

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Days & Time

Monday - Friday 5-8pm

Competitive Fees - For Only £2ph!

Fees: £119 per month, payable by monthly direct debit. Minimum term is 12 months.