IslamHood is a non-profit organisation based in the West of London in Slough, Berkshire, primarily funded by generous donations. It is managed by a hardworking team of immensely dedicated individuals who work tirelessly around the clock fee sabillilah (for the sake of God). IslamHood has been established since 2013 with the present day setup incorporating sister institutes - the youth organisation 'IslamHood' and the educational institute for adults, 'Al Miftah Institute'.

Between 2013-2018, IslamHood was comprised of 5 distinct branches:

Department of Islamic Sciences Unlocked - the educational institute for adults
Youth Tarbiya Weekend School - the supplementary school for under-18s
Community projects
Social activities for both adults and children
Hosting renowned keynote lecturers at conferences and talks, showcasing international and local guest speakers and scholars. 

However, in 2018 it became apparent that to better serve the needs of the local and wider community, it would be much more beneficial to separate the youth wing from the educational establishment to focus on each respective audience more effectively.

Thus, Al Miftah Institute was founded and is now home to Islamic courses that are expertly designed with the needs of a part-time student in mind. Crafted by esteemed scholars and their full-time students, the wide range of courses are the ideal way to study traditional Islamic subjects such as Tajweed, Arabic, Tafseer & Seerah amongst others, within a contemporary setting.

IslamHood now primarily focuses on the youth with its unique supplementary school designed and led by scholars and their students aswell as events, activities and projects that all can get involved with - no matter their age!