Urgent Baby Appeal

Saturday 25th November 2017 - UPDATE

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj’un
“Indeed webeloing to Allah and to Him we shall return”
It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart, that we have to inform you that the newborn baby who we were fundraising for urgent medical funds, passed away in Pakistan today.
We ask Allah SWT to ease the suffering of the baby’s loved ones during this extremely difficult time. May the baby’s grave be filled with noor and perfumed with the fragrance of Jannah and may the parents be reunited with their child in Jannah.
Jazak’Allahu Khairun for all those who donated towards this cause. Alhamdulilah together you raised a total of £1700. May Allah SWT reward you for your sincere efforts for indeed your efforts were not in vain and Allah SWT will reward you according to your intentions.
As an extension to our Umrah Come True challenge, we are fundraising to financially support the parents to perform Umrah - a beautiful gift during this heartbreaking time that they would have never been otherwise able to afford. The trauma the family are experiencing during this testing trial is truly unimaginable so we kindly ask you to donate generously to these causes in whatever capacity you can.
Donate to fund their Umrah


A family who is financially struggling in a village close to Faisalabad, Pakistan had their excitement of welcoming a new addition to the family turn to terror when the baby boy was born prematurely.

 The baby is currently in the special care unit in hospital but the family remain unable to afford the escalating medical bills for a range of issues including:
- blood transfusions
- swelling in the lungs
- breathing difficulties

Out of desperation, the family have already been forced to take out £1000 in loans which was well beyond their means to repay - alhamdullilah due to your donations, this has now been paid back

Thus we are fundraising to bring the baby home safely (the grieving mother is currently only able to afford to visit the hospital every other day), by taking charge of the medical bills - an estimated £4-5k

We kindly ask you to donate generously to the cause in whatever capacity you can.

DEADLINE: IMMEDIATE (as the newborn baby is in critical condition)
Please contact 07465428504 for details on how to donate.


Eid al Fitr 2017

A beautiful joyous occasion marking the end of Ramadhan 2017

On the morning of Eid al Fitr 2017, with the huge amount of support and effort given by volunteers and of course by the grace of Allah SWT, IslamHood managed to arrange for a huge assortment of sweet treats for all to take after praying their Eid Salah.

From cupcakes and doughnuts to sweets and lollipops as well as drinks and biscuits, adults and children alike definitely appreciated the gesture. Children were ecstatic with their hand pumped balloons on sticks - it was most certainly a lovely surprise to their Eid morning.


Charity Dinner: The Prophetic Mind, Body & Soul

Mind Body & Soul.jpg

Charity dinner raising money for orphans worldwide

An inspiring line up of amazing talent, knowledge and experience who will all be rejoicing in aid of this amazing cause.

The evening will be hosted by our very own Ustadh Yasrab Shah and will include an energetic and passionate talk by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi, nasheeds by Faisal Salah, Spoken word by Muslim Belal and Quran recitation by Jibril Wahab who is joining us all the way from France.

Check out some pictures that were taken on the day:

Winter Wonderland Fun Day

IslamHood's first ever Fun Day, "Winter Wonderland" was a huge success Alhamdulilah! Not only were we able to donate much needed funds towards the cause of Islamic education but the event itself brought the community together and it was lovely to see families having fun and enjoying themselves.

From face painting, delicious food, Segway rides and much much more, everybody seemed to have a brilliant time both children and parents alike!