Our Forgotten Neighbours

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Let them know they're not forgotten

Where did you sleep last night?

Let’s not take our blessings for granted because for some vulnerable people in the community, the reality is heart-breaking.

The homelessness crisis is getting worse with many vulnerable members in our own community struggling without the bare essentials to survive.

Let’s battle homelessness together - by donating to this cause for much needed supplies we can help the homeless on their road to recovery. 

During Winter 2017 we will be delivering crucial supplies to the forgotten members of our community who need it the most.


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    Want to directly donate items?
    The following are the most vital and requested items:

    • Sleeping bags
    • Socks
    • Boxer Shorts

    If you would like to donate these items please contact us at community@islamhood.org or 07465428504.

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