Umrah Come True Challenge

The "#UmrahComeTrue Campaign" has a simple mission - to facilitate the opportunity for as many Muslims from developing countries as possible to perform Umrah. For these brothers & sisters, even simple luxuries are out of reach for them and their families. 


The campaign invites those more privileged to contribute towards affordable Umrah packages for those whose wish to visit the House of Allah remains a distant dream.

Help make someone's lifelong dream of performing Umrah come true - gift them this very special journey that would otherwise be impossible for them to afford.

Coming from developing countries or otherwise never being able to afford it, these people will have longed to go for the most part of their life, despite knowing it is very much out of their reach due to dire socio-economic factors.
Imagine the reward for you! By granting them this gift, know they are sure to make abundant du'a for you as the memories stay with them for a lifetime.


The #UmrahComeTrue Challenges... that came true!

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