Youth Tarbiya Quran Academy

Instill the love of Quran in our children on a daily basis, with a weekday tailored programme for ages 5-16


focus on quality, not quantity

A unique opportunity for children to begin & perfect recitation of the Qur'an with emphasis on fluency and reciting with the correct rules. Our focus is not on whizzing through the Qa’idah and ‘finishing’ the Quran in record time, but rather, ensuring the points of articulation, pronunciation and fluency in joining letters and words is of tantamount importance. This will ultimately set the unshakeable foundations for a lifelong love of reciting the words of Allah SWT, knowing they are not committing major mistakes!

progress is at your child’s pace

We understand Tajweed is a practical science, with pupils progressing at different rates so each session will be tailored to the pupil's individual progress. Reciting the Qur’an with the rules of Tajweed is Fardh-al-Ayn – compulsory upon every individual. The best time to secure this foundation is in childhood.



Learn from professionals

All teachers are qualified Tajweed teachers who have specially trained in this field. Child safeguarding is of paramount importance so every teacher undergoes an Enhanced DBS Check before accepting a teaching post. The Quran Academy is suitable for beginners aswell as advanced students - arrangements for Hifdh can be made.