Quran & Academic Tuition Packages


Convenient, affordable “deen & dunya” tuition under one roof

Through our unique collaboration with IslamHood’s official sponsor, Right Step Academy, we are pleased to be able to offer students of the Youth Tarbiya Quran Academy preferential rates for academic tuition from KS1 - A-Levels. Based at the same building, this will ease the burden for parents who no longer need to worry about rushing to collect and pick-up from various places in Slough throughout the week - during the dreaded peak traffic times!

Right Step Academy is a specialised tuition service for Key Stage 1-3, 11+, GCSE and A-Level pupils. Based in Slough, this established tuition centre has over 25 years of experience in preparing children for key educational milestones and paving the way for bright futures.

Our affordable Quran + Tuition packages will therefore provide your child with the very best teachers and tutors in their respective fields - not to mention the immense peace of mind it will bring to you, as a parent, to have one dedicated central point of contact to arrange all of your child’s educational needs. Simply drop off your child in time for their first lesson and collect from the same location a couple of hours later - no stress!