Deriving the multi-age grouping concept from Montessori education, class age groups are optimised for maximum peer-to-peer teaching & learning, with collaborative learning encouraged throughout the School.

Small Class Sizes to Raise the Bar

Small class sizes (maximum 15 pupils per class) will allow for optimal pupil-teacher engagement with an emphasis placed on enhancing their learning by raising pupils’ confidence across the board.

Specially Tailored to Each Stage of the child's development

Students in years 3-13 are segmented into 3 stages:

Junior School 3 Year Programme: Years 3-5 (ages 7-10)
Middle School 3 Year Programme: Years 6-8 (ages 10-13)
Upper School 3 Year Programme: Years 9-13 (ages 13-18)

The School is therefore a 9-year programme for those entering into our youngest class (Junior School), with multidimensional resources and curriculum to re-explore Islamic concepts throughout key stages of development. Older pupils studying the 3- year or 6-year programme will not be disadvantaged as the syllabus is carefully structured to allow maximum tailored content to benefit each pupil, no matter when they join the School.