Poems about Zakah

The children explored Zakah this lesson - learning how giving in charity has so many beautiful benefits. They learnt how it linguistically means to purify or clean - why? Because giving in charity purifies us, washing away sins and cleaning our heart from greed.

The kids had fun at the end of the lesson, working together to write their own poems about giving in charity and helping the poor...

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Zakah - By Hunsaa (year 5), Naura (year 3) & Raisa (year 5)

Give Zakah to the poor
Or they'll have to eat food raw

Always give your Zakah to the poor and needy
Allah loves these actions - not when your greedy

Give Zakah with your heart and lots of love
So one day inshaAllah you'll be with Allah up above

Give in charity because it's so nice
And the poor people can get free rice!

Zakah - by Umar (Year 5) & Hasan (year 5)

Always give charity to the poor,
It will stop your heart from being sore.

Always give in charity to help people live,
Doing this encourages other people to give

Don't waste your money on something so nice.
Instead, why don't you donate half the price?

You and your family have a roof over your head,
For people on the street, the pavement is their bed!

Zakah - by Deen (year 3), Hasan (year 5) & Zakariya (year 4)

Give Zakah,
To be alongside Allah.
Purify your heart and soul,
Save yourself from Hell's darkest coal.
Be good and provide,
Be on Allah's good side.
Be kind & don't hate,
Try to donate.
Homeless people are trying to live,
Don't be selfish and try to give.
Keep on giving to the poor,
And Allah will keep on giving you more!


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