Cakes Galore!

On Sunday 21st and 28th January, students across the school from Junior Class to Upper Class were set a special homework task - to bake a cake or any other sweet treat for their neighbours and to personally deliver it. Not only this, but they also had to write a short note explaining why it's important to treat our neighbours so well and how important it is in Islam.

For the last few weeks, students have been learning all about the community - what exactly it is, who our neighbours are, how we can help in the community and the great amount of respect and honour given to those who treat their neighbours well. Students in the middle school studied the story of the Jewish man who sold his home for double it's price of 1000 dinaars - stating he would sell his home for 2000 dinaars - 1000 for the house and 1000 for having Abdullah Ibn Mubarak (Rahimullah) as his neighbour! This is how loving and merciful Abdullah Ibn Mubarak was, following the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).

This homework task not only got the children learning new skills as part of their enrichment (although it may have been a parent's nightmare!), but also drilled home the message that as Muslim citizens, it is part of our religion to treat our neighbours well, with utmost kindness and respect. Moreover, as all students have learnt since they have started school this year, part of our religion is to fulfil the rights of the people (Huqooq al Ibaad) in addition to the rights of Allah (Huqooq Allah).

It was beautiful to see students being very enthusiastic about this homework task - making a range of different goodies from yummy cupcakes to delicious pastries. Delivering it themselves with a small note was a lovely touch allowing their neighbours to appreciate the important concept of being active citizens in the community that Islam teaches. One of our student's neighbours even delivered a card and chocolates back to show their appreciation!

May Allah SWT allow our youth to be guided on the straight path and become shining lights for the Ummah.
— Ameen

Check out the pictures below of some of the students who took part: