All dimensions of our rigorous programmes are taught by carefully vetted teachers who are specially trained in their respective fields.

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, all are either teachers from established Islamic institutions or full-time students of Islamic Scholarship Studies (encompassing all Islamic Sciences).

Whilst all have been formally trained by esteemed scholars in the UK, many have also studied in classical institutions abroad including in Egypt and Syria to further embellish their credentials and maintain IslamHood Youth Tarbiya’s impeccable standards.

In addition to this, IslamHood Youth Tarbiya's Founding Director, Ustadh Mohsin Ashraf, will be acting as Head Teacher of the Weekend School as well as undertaking a senior teaching role for the Teenage Intensive to personally see the vision for our pupils come to fruition.

Child safeguarding is of paramount importance so every teacher undergoes an Enhanced DBS Check before accepting a teaching post.

Expertly Managed by a dedicated team

IslamHood Youth Tarbiya enjoys a unique position in that it is expertly managed by those who have personally invested their time in the Islamic Sciences and dedicate their life to serving the Deen. As such, the passion and commitment to providing the best possible experience truly shines through in all aspects of our programmes.

A professional and dedicated admin team allows our relationship with parents to flourish as we believe building good rapport with parents is the key to continued success.

The vitally important factor which distinguishes us from others is the selection of teachers. By appointing only those with extensive knowledge and experience in a broad range of Islamic Sciences, either qualified scholars or those in the process of qualifiying, we have moved away from the widely accepted norm of a volunteer-led model and ensured pupils are not taught by unqualified laymen – which would be a disservice.

Additionally, as all teachers are relatively young and British, they are not detached from the mindset of our young pupils which fosters an idyllic learning environment.