A truly one-of-a-kind syllabus, this values-based character development education is contextualised, age appropriate and relevant to young Muslims living in Britain.

Based on the premise of knowledge being of no benefit until it is utilised, pupils are encouraged to be proactive in their learning and application of Islam through an engaging aspect of the School day which transcends traditional learning methods.

This syllabus focuses on the moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and social development of young Muslims in Britain, inspiring them to become well rounded in their world-view, confident in their identity, active in their communities and ethical in their dealings.

Built upon a character development framework, some themes covered include: understanding faith in its entirety, living as a Muslim in Britain, following rules and laws, health and well-being, social responsibility, financial literacy, politics and media engagement and employment and enterprise.

By studying key Islamic principles in context, pupils learn about care, compassion and the rights of humans, animals and the environment through a wide range of practical activities, assignments and projects. This sense of purpose helps them understand their role as responsible leaders within their communities, who love, live and share their faith with others.

This unique approach to educating about Islamic principles and giving pupils the opportunity and confidence to apply it in real life situations makes 'learning about Islam' a truly enjoyable experience.