About Us

IslamHood is a non-profit 100% donation-funded voluntary organisation based in Slough, Berkshire. It is managed by a small team of immensely dedicated individuals who work tirelessly around the clock fee sabillilah (for the sake of God).

Mission Statement

We aim to empower & fulfil the needs of the community, by delivering projects catering for all members of society whilst keeping in mind the unique challenges that Muslims face today.

Through our projects we aim to contextualise key Islamic principles to allow Muslims to take their place as conscientious members of society whilst upholding and maintaining their intrinsic morals, values and ethics in an ever evolving contemporary world.

Department of Islamic Sciences Unlocked Vision

We aim to provide the full spectrum of Islamic Sciences in our educational institute so that Muslims can understand and appreciate the roots from which Islam spread and flourished. By catering for both men and women of all ages and abilities, we aspire to remove all barriers to education by facilitating and accommodating for each students’ unique challenges in becoming a Student of Knowledge.

We aspire to maintain the impeccable standards and traditional learning methods with classical sources but with a key focus on contextualising learning and adapting to modern-day requirements.

Our courses are designed to broaden the general Islamic literacy rate amongst the Muslim community, equipping Muslims with the fundamentals they require to remain in accordance to the divine commandments of Allah (SWT) in their religious & worldly affairs in a contemporary setting. We also support those who wish to go further in scholarly studies by facilitating arrangements for them to improve in their scholastic literacy and follow in the footsteps of great classical scholars.