IslamHood Youth Tarbiya Weekend School

An expertly crafted Islamic curriculum for 7-18 year olds. This is a truly unique syllabus with a special emphasis on character development to mould and nurture our youth in every way.

Specially Tailored to Each Stage of the Child's Development

Designed for boys and girls in school years 3-13, segmented into 3 stages:

  • Junior School 3 Year Programme: Years 3-5 (ages 7-10)
  • Middle School 3 Year Programme: Years 6-8 (ages 10-13)
  • Upper School 3 Year Programme: Years 9-13 (ages 13-18)

Deriving the multi-age grouping concept from Montessori education, the above class age groups are optimised for maximum peer-to-peer teaching & learning, with collaborative learning encouraged throughout the School.

The School is therefore a 9-year programme for those entering into our youngest class (Junior School), with multidimensional resources and curriculum to re-explore Islamic concepts throughout key stages of development. Older pupils studying the 3-year or 6-year programme will not be disadvantaged as the syllabus is carefully structured to allow maximum tailored content to benefit each pupil, no matter when they join the School.

Small class sizes (maximum 15 pupils per class) will allow for optimal pupil-teacher engagement with an emphasis placed on enhancing their learning by raising pupils’ confidence across the board.

The School Day 

  • Informative Islamic Studies: A comprehensive curriculum beginning with the fundamental five pillars of Islam and broad essential Islamic subjects derived from the Qur'an and Sunnah.

Topics are introduced and revisited throughout multiple years to add, layers of complexity, different perspectives, details and additional emphasis, being delivered based on age and learning levels of each cohort. Subjects include Islamic History, Seerah, Tafseer, Stories of the Prophets, Fiqh amongst others.

  • Qur'an with Tajweed: 1-2-1 sessions with a qualified Tajweed teacher to begin and perfect recitation of the Qur'an with emphasis on fluency and reciting with the correct rules.

We understand Tajweed is a practical science, with pupils progressing at different rates so each session will be tailored to the pupil's individual progress to supplement their weekday Qur'an classes.

  • Arabic Speaking: A dedicated lesson with a specialist teacher to begin the pupil's journey of mastering the Arabic language.

Taking a more interactive approach than traditional Arabic Grammar learning methods, pupils will enjoy an immersive experience with role-play scenarios to consolidate their knowledge of key words and phrases to eventually be able to express themselves and interact in a variety of everyday situations.

  • Transformative Islamic Studies: A truly one-of-a-kind syllabus, this values-based character development education is contextualised, age appropriate and relevant to young Muslims living in Britain. Based on the premise of knowledge being of no benefit until it is utilised, pupils are encouraged to be proactive in their learning and application of Islam through an engaging aspect of the School day which transcends traditional learning methods.

This syllabus focuses on the moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and social development of young Muslims in Britain, inspiring them to become well-rounded in their world-view, confident in their identity, active in their communities and ethical in their dealings.

Built upon a character development framework, some themes covered include: understanding faith in its entirety, living as a Muslim in Britain, following rules and laws, health and well-being, social responsibility, financial literacy, politics and media engagement and employment and enterprise.

By studying key Islamic principles in context, pupils learn about care, compassion and the rights of humans, animals and the environment through a wide range of practical activities, assignments and projects. This sense of purpose helps them understand their role as responsible leaders within their communities, who love, live and share their faith with others.

This unique approach to educating about Islamic principles and giving pupils the opportunity and confidence to apply it in real life situations makes 'learning about Islam' a truly enjoyable experience.

Extra-Curricular Dimension

As part of our ethos of turning 'informative learning into transformative learning', emphasis is placed on moulding and nurturing our youth into well-rounded individuals in various fields - not just in studies.

As such, specialist enrichment opportunities will be arranged throughout the School Year to allow pupils to explore their interests - whether that is in art, horse-back riding, archery, talent shows, cookery, calligraphy amongst others. This will offer the unique opportunity for pupils who would otherwise not have the chance to explore such activities and perhaps spark a lifelong interest in non-traditional passions. 

Specially Trained Teachers for All Aspects

All dimensions of our rigorous programme will be taught by carefully vetted teachers who are specially trained in their respective fields. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, all are either teachers from IslamHood's adult courses, full-time students of Islamic Scholarship Studies (encompassing all Islamic Sciences) or current senior students from IslamHood's adult courses. 

In addition to this, IslamHood's Founding Director, Ustadh Mohsin Ashraf, will be acting as Principal of the School as well as undertaking a senior teaching role to personally see the vision for our pupils come to fruition.